ctress Vanessa Hudgens agreed to pay a $1,000 fine for carving names into one of the red rocks in Sedona.

Hudgens apparently posted a photo of her carving with a heart that accompanied the names “Vanessa” and “Austin” on her Instagram page.

Hudgens did admit to creating damage on the red rock and then provided information to pinpoint the exact location.

Volunteers and U.S. Forest Service employees then found the actual carving in late February on an iconic geologic formation known as Bell Rock. This area is a very popular pitstop with tourists.

Her $1,000 in restitution has apparently resolved the citation against Vanessa Hudgens. Fortunately, a volunteer group known as Friends of the Forest will now utilize the funds to restore the rock wall.

In the end a little bad publicity for Vanessa is likely better than none at all and everyone ends up getting some press.